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I'm Jazmine, and I'm really excited that you stopped by, today! I'm a small business digital consultant, and a small business owner, myself. I have a background in Marketing, Communications, and Psychology, and I use that background to help small businesses leverage the often confusing and under-utilized internet to meet and exceed their goals. 

"...if you can't Google it, does it even exist?"

Small business digital marketing and branding fell into my lap, in a lot of ways. I have a background in marketing, communication and psychology, so some of it was learned, but I didn't recognize the need for a service like this until much later. 

So often, I'd visit a business, and would later try to check them out online, only to find nothing...literally nothing! Not a review, a menu, services, prices, hours, nada! I'd think to myself "geez, they're really shorting themselves, because if you can't Google it, does it even exist?!" I offered to help some of them with developing their brands, landing pages and some basic social media. Then some content development, website management, and social media strategy, each of which was highly effective in generating customers, exposure, revenue, and leads. Turns out, word travels quickly in the small business community! And the rest, as they say, is history! #CraftandCo

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