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Website Establishment & Development 

Starting a website can be scary. The learning curve can be daunting. Website establishment for small businesses is how this small business got started. Your business needs a stylish, effective and functional website that translates your needs, values and goals. Through utilization of website developers Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and Lodgify, Craft & Co can style and develop a website for your small business in a very short time.


Website establishment is a selection for the small business with no online presence at all, and only an idea of what they're like in a website. This is the top-to-bottom development of a functional and complete website for your small business.

This service provides: 

  • Assessment to determine needs, purpose and functionality of website 

  • Assessment to clarify brand in order to ensure website is consistent with business brand

  • Regular check-ins to ensure website development is progressing in the right direction, including requesting revisions 

  • Complete Website turn-around time of within 2 weeks (max) of receiving all required website and branding needs assessments 

   Add-ons include: 

  • Website maintenance (a la carte) to include updating information and editing on an as-needed basis 

  • Website maintenance (ongoing) to manage and update the website for a determined amount of time whenever needed 

  • Copywriting for website content (see BRANDING add-ons)

Cost for service: $150-$300*

*Final rate determined after free consultation. Price quoted above does not include cost of web hosting server and domain name purchase, typically approx. $299/annually (paid to host server, not Craft & Co, though we can assist with coordination of purchase)

Website Establishment and Development
Marketing and Communications

Marketing & Communications

When starting a new business (or revamping an existing business), you may need to take a moment to consider your marketing and positioning in the digital space. For example, if you offer food services, but you don't have an online menu, or if you're a cosmetologist but you don't have your work available anywhere to view- these are the things that turn potential customers into missed opportunities.

This service offering provides: 

  • An audit of existing strategies, presence, and efficacy 

  • Research and discovery on best marketing practices specific to your industry 

  • An assessment report on what you should be doing, and exactly how to do it 

  • Examples of content, communications, social media, and more...

   Add-ons include: 

  • Marketing maintenance to establish and handle all aspects of your marketing for a period of time 

  • Digital collateral and designs

  • Print collateral and designs

Cost for service: $100-$200*

*Final rate determined after free consultation. 


Branding Development

Branding your business appropriately is arguably more important than building a website. Making sure that your website attracts the right audience at the right time depends largely on how well you communicate what you do, and who it's for. Branding development could include brainstorming and designing a logo, a brand kit, developing new copy for your website, or revising your existing copy. This is also helpful for businesses that have no idea what their brand is, or where to start!

This service offering provides: 

  • An audit of existing brand kit

  • Clarify target audience, and market fit for branding purposes

  • Provide a detailed brand kit for use across all business functions

   Add-ons include: 

  • Logo design w/graphic designers

  • Website copywriting to provide content for use on website 

  • Print designs for business cards, flyers, letterhead, and more

Cost for service: $100-$200*

*Final rate determined after free consultation. Does not include potential cost of logo development, which can be added on.

Social Media

Social Media

Social media is it's own form of marketing- a modern requirement for most businesses to stay relevant, and afloat. Getting started with social media may seem daunting, but we can help you get started! If you're already involved with social media on some level, we can check in and make sure your accounts are optimized.

This service offering provides: 

  • An audit of existing social media use, if applicable

  • Research on best practice for your industry
  • A social media kit, including content and graphics, for 2 weeks

  • Templated instructions to continue creating consistent content and graphics on your own

   Add-ons include: 

  • Social media maintenance: continued social media kits provided month-to-month with relevant and engaging content for your business

  • 1 month social media content calendar (including graphics and copy)

Cost for service: $75-$150

*Final rate determined after free consultation. 

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